Combining the best of science and nature

Why Wild Nutrition is different

Over 50 scientific studies confirm the efficacy of our Food-Grown® formulations.

  Food-Grown® nutrients High street supplements
Naturally sourced
Grown in live food
Optimum absorption
Low-heat technology
No binders or fillers

Free expert advice

We understand knowing which supplements are right for you isn't always straightforward. That's why our team of expert nutritional therapists is here for you.

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Carefully curated for you by our team of expert Nutritional Therapists.

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What is Food-Grown®?

We believe in a different way

We start by selecting the finest, natural ingredients, then we grow them - in a paste made of the highest-quality whole food - resulting in a nutrient-dense substance that the body recognises.

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Our commitment to people and planet

As a B Corp, we hold ourselves accountable to stepping ever more lightly on the earth.

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