Natural Glow

Natural Glow

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Natural Glow - Key Benefits

  • Nourish your skin from within

    Melaline®, the melanin-rich ingredient at the heart of Natural Glow, not only shields against the sun’s rays but regenerates the epidermis too. A phenomenal multi-tasker, one that’s exclusive to Wild Nutrition too.

  • Sunshine in a jar

    Activated by the sun, this advanced formulation boosts everything your skin needs: collagen for elasticity, keratin for strong hair and nails, melanin for UV protection. It’s your best self in a bottle.

  • Sourced with integrity

    Antioxidant-rich nutrients Biotin, Beta-Carotene (Retinol), Copper and Vitamins C and E are formulated in a low-heat environment that respects our raw ingredients and our digestion too.

  • See the difference, feel the difference

    After 30 days, 81% of testers found their skin was more tanned, firmer and brighter. 93% loved the results and 84% would recommend to a friend*. *Clinical trial of 33 women.

Natural Glow

Natural Glow

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Collagen-rich radiance.

With vitamin C to naturally accelerate your body’s collagen, keratin and melanin, enjoy a fresh sun-kissed glow with protection against anti-ageing and UV damage. Glow from within.

30 days supply.


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Exploring our Natural Glow

Our Co-Founder and Formulator Henrietta Norton explains how our brilliant new skincare supplement works. Natural Glow supports the tanning process from within, boosts collagen production and protects from UV damage.

3 steps to your Natural Glow

Natural Glow supplements are the perfect partner to your topical SPF, working to protect your skin from within.

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1-10 Days


Start building your natural melanin levels by taking Natural Glow 10 days before your holiday or more intense sun exposure.

11-20 days


30 minutes of sunshine a day will enhance your skin’s natural defence against UV rays and pollution while building a deep, long-lasting tan.

21+ Days


Continue to take Natural Glow daily, to boost your collagen production and feel the benefits of firmer, hydrated skin and to prolong your natural glow.

The science behind Natural Glow supplements

  • What's inside?

    Our exclusive ingredient, Melaline®, which is an innovative natural ingredient that’s scientifically proven to enhance your skin.

  • How does it work?

    Melaline® supports melanin and collagen production to power up your tan and rejuvenate your skin.

  • Where does it come from?

    Melaline® is derived from sheep fleece and is rich in melanin.

  • When can I expect results?

    After 30 days, 81% of testers found their skin was more tanned, firmer and brighter.

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