"Give your body the right tools and it will heal itself"

It was in 2010, while writing her first book and formulating for leading healthcare brands, that nutritional practitioner Henrietta Norton was asked to recommend supplements to a client.

“In all good faith, I couldn’t do it. There wasn’t anything on the market I could hand-on-heart recommend. I knew I could do it better. And I could raise the bar which at the time was shamefully low.”

And so, supported by her husband Charlie - with a background in design and an instinctive grasp of Really Good Ideas - Wild Nutrition was born. And with it, our dedication to Food-Grown® supplements.
What is Food-Grown®

“Mother Nature is the greatest scientist of them all. The most empowered female there is.”

“Think of Food-Grown® as a co-creation with nature”, explains Charlie, “we harness the power of real, whole food and enrich it with vitamins and minerals. We’ve relied on getting our nutrients from food for centuries. So all we are doing is giving our bodies nutrients they can understand and absorb.”

Working from a shed in their back garden, “with chickens that would wander in”, the Nortons assumed interest in their fledgling business would be a slow burn. So they were delighted to learn - only two months in - that Whole Foods wanted to stock all their products in their stores.

“I remember literally loading up the car - with the kids too - to drive the very first batch of products to Whole Foods in London. It was such an exciting time,” says Charlie.

Fast forward nine years and our business now has a team of 45, a portfolio of 40+ products, B Corp accreditation and whip-smart investors funding growth. Yet nothing else has changed, least of all our founders’ utmost respect for nature.
“Our connection with nature is so primal. You only need to look at the effect the moon has on the tide to see how intrinsically we’re connected to nature. We’re cyclical. We’re reminded of it every month. It’s no wonder that the health of our environment affects us so innately. We’re only as strong as Mother Nature is in the wild.”

Charlie is equally as reverent when it comes to uncompromising quality. “It touches everything we do,” he explains. “One of our founding principles was to always make the very best product we possibly could. If it takes two years to bring a product to market, so be it. One thing that won’t change is our commitment to excellence.”

This purist philosophy extends to our packaging too. With a zero tolerance to plastic - harmful to the environment and fertility levels - our team spent years sourcing its compostable, earth-kind refill pouches.
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Working together

Living together and working together isn’t every couple’s cup of tea, yet the Nortons are making it work. What’s their secret? “Well, it can be a blessing and a curse being husband and wife in business! I think it comes down to three things: trust, respect and, fundamentally, communication. Honest communication that’s grown up enough for challenging conversations.”

“Henrietta sees the big picture and I’m good at the detail. Together we’re a really strong team,” adds Charlie.

Is it the Nortons’ hope that their sons will follow their footsteps into the family firm? “If anything, the legacy we’d like to give to the kids is what it means to be committed and passionate about something enough to follow it through. Whatever that may be. They should move to the beat of their own drum.”

Want to get Wild with us?

1. ‘A Great Place to Work’
Three awards mean the most to us. In 2021 we were certified A Great Place to Work® for Women, Wellbeing and Small Business. Our people always have been, and always will be, the heartbeat of our operation.

2. B Corp accreditation
More than a tick in the box, our B Corp score of 87.9 is a learning tool, helping us measure our impact, shine a light on areas for improvement and challenge us to do more before our next recertification in 2024.

3. Benefits
We offer flexible working, a culture of understanding and learning, free wellbeing consultations and fast track healthcare provision. 63% of our team are women and we are proud to have an industry-leading menopause clause.
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