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How we make our supplements

We grow our supplements in real food. Our uniqueFood-Grown® process uses natural ingredients of exceptional quality, resulting in powerful nutrients which the body recognises and absorbs far more efficiently than synthetic alternatives. The result? A high-performance supplement, grown just as nature intended.

Goodness straight from the earth

Step 1: Goodness straight from the earth

We start by selecting fresh, organic food, such as citrus, carrot, nutrient rich yeast, lactobacillus or split yellow pea – whichever has the best natural affinity to the nutrient we want to grow. We’re driven to find the very best possible raw materials, even if it means waiting a little longer for them - and believe in sourcing ingredients, wherever possible, directly from the country of origin. True traceability is crucial - nothing goes into our products that we haven’t endlessly researched.


Step 2: The process

Using specially designed equipment, we reduce the food to a fine paste. We insist on using organic and non-GMO ingredients, with no trace of pesticides or toxins, so that no part of the fruit or vegetable is discarded. We use every last bit – seeds, skin and all.


Step 3: Putting the nutrients in

A single, essential nutrient – such as Magnesium, Iron or Vitamin C – is added to the food paste. We want to achieve tangible results, so we use powerful nutrients in generous measures. A glycoprotein mixture (a combination of proteins and sugars) is then stirred into the mix, to encourage the cells to 'mingle'.


Step 4: The science bit

The glycoprotein mixture acts as a vehicle, carrying the selected nutrient directly into the live food paste, where it is recognised and granted entry to the food paste matrix. This step is critical: by combining both the nutrient and the whole food, we lay the foundations for a nutritious, 360-degree supplement that offers support to the entire body.


Step 5: The magic of Food-Grown

Now inside the food paste matrix, the nutrient begins to work its magic. Slowly it starts to bond, grow and transform; eventually becoming part of the food paste. Transformation complete, it emerges as a potent, nutrient-dense food complex; a substance that the body will recognise, absorb, and happily put to use.


Step 6: The finished supplement

The food paste is gently dried using filtered air (with no chemical solvents) in a low-heat environment designed to protect the stability of the nutrient. It's vital that our ingredients are safely and sustainably encapsulated - so we use vegetable-derived cellulose capsules, free from unnecessary binding agents and fillers, which the body can break down easily and absorb effectively. Each ingredient is stringently tested before encapsulation begins, while an ongoing independent testing programme ensures the efficacy and exceptional quality of our finished products.