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Your nutrition questions, answered by our team of experts.

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Let's talk about your health

Whether you are new to taking supplements or have a specific health need our team of qualified nutrition experts are here for you. They are also trained to understand which nutrients may work best for specialist conditions, as well as support for life stages such as puberty, fertility, pregnancy or menopause and check compatibility with medication.


What to expect from your nutritionist appointment?

Our team start off by getting to know you. What are your symptoms or health needs? What have you tried so far? They will also ask you about your diet and lifestyle. Towards the end of the call, the Nutritionist will put forward their recommendations to you and confirm any supplements you should consider taking.

    How it works

    1. Book a 20- or 40-minute appointment in the calendar below.
    2. Complete & pay for your appointment.
    3. You'll then receive confirmation details by email, and instructions on how to join your nutritionist appointment.

    Introductory offer

    We’ve put our in-person clinic appointments on hold for now, but our nutritionist experts are now delighted to offer Nutritionist consultations by phone or video. It's the same expert advice and personal approach, but without the need to visit our clinics. Booking your appointment is quick and easy. Just use the calendar below to find a time and date that works best for you. 

    The introductory offer for an online Nutritionist consultation is £25 for 20 minutes & £50 for 40 minutes. 


    The Wild Nutrition difference

    "I booked an appointment with Marianne who gave me some excellent advice. I’ve responded really well to taking their supplements, it’s helped with my digestion and my eczema has improved, not to mention that I’m pregnant!"

    Susie K.

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