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"I’ve dedicated my career to supporting women on their health journeys. To date, our nutritional therapists have given over 27,000 consultations, and counting. We understand you, we support you."

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Lorna driver-davies

A word from our Head of Nutrition

"If you’re new to supplements, have a health goal in mind or are simply curious about our supplements, I invite you to book a complimentary consultation with our team of nutritional therapists. Between us we have over 90 years of experience. I promise you this, you’re in the safest of hands."


45-minute detailed consultation

A deeper dive into your health journey, diet and lifestyle

  • Detailed recommendations and dietary support
  • Ideal for multiple health symptoms or goals
  • An opportunity to ask questions on products
  • Cost: £45

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  • FAQs

  • Whatever’s on your mind. You might want to talk through your subscription, symptoms, life stage or health goals. Or maybe discuss the right supplements for you, understand how we make our unique nutrients or get information on ingredients. Or you might simply want to check compatibility with hormones or medications. Whatever your question, we’re here to help.

  • You and your nutritional therapist will have plenty of time to discuss your diet, lifestyle and any changes in more detail. Our 45-minute consultations are ideal for putting together an in-depth supplement regime, discussing multiple symptoms, a new life stage or if you have more than one health goal. And we’ll help you with any subscription queries you may have too.

  • No, there’s no need to prepare anything. If you have had any recent GP tests you may like to have them to hand. For a 45-minute consultation it can be helpful to prepare a three-day food and drink diary but it's not expected.

  • We don’t send out any meal plans or dietary literature after your consultation so it's best to ask all your questions and make notes during your consultation. We recommend booking a 45- minute consultation if you have multiple dietary questions and need deeper support in that area.

  • The nutritional therapist will send you an email with your bespoke supplement recommendations so you know exactly what to order. In that email there may also be a comment on any special dosing (if applicable to your conversation).

  • Check your email - can you see a confirmation email? That will tell you the date, time, type of appointment you booked (Zoom or phone call) and the name of the nutritional therapist. If you chose Zoom, in that email is the meeting link. If you chose telephone, you don’t need to do anything because the nutritional therapist will call you. If you can’t get into your Zoom meeting, don’t worry, we will still phone call you as a back up.