Food Grown supplements Vs synthetic supplements

Food-Grown vs. synthetic

The majority of supplements today are created using synthetic nutrients, and contain unnecessary fillers, binders and preservatives. We believe in a different way - Food-Grown. It ensures your body not only recognises but better absorbs the natural nutrients - leading to potent and tangible results.

The problem with food today

Real food is integral to our health and wellbeing - but the reality is that we simply don’t get enough nutrients from the food we eat. That’s because European soil is estimated to contain approximately 72% less vitamins and minerals than it did 60 years ago, while one third of the world’s soil is now classified as moderately to highly degraded. Even organically-grown foods contain less goodness than they once did - and it’s little wonder so many of us are nutrient-deficient. 

Why synthetics are not the answer

Now consider the majority of supplements available today: compressed white powders which often contain mega-doses of synthetic or isolated ingredients, in addition to preservatives, colourants, fillers and binding agents. These high-dose products reach the gut in a form that leaves the body less capable of absorbing them. Ultimately, a significant proportion is excreted out, without ever being metabolised.

A natural alternative

This is where the magic of the Food-Grown® method comes in. We start by selecting the finest, natural ingredients, then we grow them - in a paste made of the highest-quality whole food - resulting in a nutrient-dense substance that the body recognises and happily absorbs as if they were a piece of fruit or vegetable. Once inside the body, they can be broken down swiftly, absorbed efficiently, and put to use effectively.

The Food-Grown® effect 

Our Food-Grown® process, in combination with the potency of the nutrients themselves, is why our supplements often contain a lower dose than an equivalent synthetic product. Though that doesn’t mean they’re less powerful: one study showed that the body was able to absorb Food-Grown® Vitamin C 1210% more readily than isolated ascorbic acid*; while over 50 independent scientific studies demonstrate improved and optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals when in Food-Grown® form. So while our doses might be lower than most synthetic products on the market - they’re also more effective.