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Our pioneering Food-Grown® supplements mimic nature, harnessing the power of earth’s most revered ingredients. Take our Vitamin D, it’s scientifically shown to be 100% more effectively absorbed*.



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    You can easily modify, skip or cancel your delivery in your account. To cancel your delivery we will need at least 2 business days notice to ensure the order is not dispatched.

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  • Yes, you can easily swap products.

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  • To add a product to your subscription simply log into your account and click Add Product at the top of your subscription screen.

    You can also increase quantities of your products by clicking Edit and amending the quantity. Please click Save to update.

  • If you decide to cancel your subscription please give us 3 business days' notice before your next delivery is due to ensure this can be cancelled in time.

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    If you're outside of the UK, we recommend you sign up to 3 bottles every 90 days to reduce the carbon footprint of your order and save on shipping charges.

  • Simply go to Account > Subscriptions > Addresses to update your details. Please click Save.

  • During the year we will run seasonal sales and promotional offers. These offers will be additional to your subscription price and will only be valid for the duration of the sale or promotion i.e. If you purchase a subscription during a sale and take advantage of a further discount, this discount will only apply to your first initial purchase and will resume to the standard 20% off offer each month thereafter. Also please note, this offer cannot be in in conjunction with any other further offer during the period of the sale or promotion.

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