What is Food Grown?
What is Food Grown?

What is Food-Grown?

Our Food-Grown® method is an organic way of producing supplements - and it’s at the root of nearly every product we create. We start by selecting the finest, natural ingredients, then we grow them - in a paste made of the highest-quality whole food - resulting in a nutrient-dense substance that the body recognises and happily absorbs. We take special care when refining the food paste: no solvents or chemicals are used, and the process takes place in a low-heat environment, to protect the stability of the nutrients. It’s a process that respects the integrity of our raw materials - and it’s light years away from how synthetic supplements are made. That’s our intention.

Better Recognised

As humans, we can’t always absorb essential nutrients in their raw state – so we have to find a food source that the body can extract them from. By growing nutrients in a food paste of the very best quality - such as citrus, split yellow pea or carrot - we can create a new substance that the body recognises and happily accepts. We like to describe it as a “reverse engineering of nature”.

Better Absorbed

In comparison to many products on the market, our Food-Grown® supplements contain no unnecessary preservatives, colourants, fillers or binding agents. They are also free from the aggressive doses of synthetic or isolated ingredients often found in traditional, compressed powder tablets, which often pass through the body, unable to be used. Not only are Food-Grown® nutrients better absorbed by the body - but they’re kinder to the digestive system too.

Better Used

When cultivating our Food-Grown® supplements, we don’t throw multiple ingredients in together - we grow every single one individually - then we combine them. The result is a range of complex, intelligently-formulated nutrients which affect powerful, all-over change: not just to the body, but also to the mind and spirit.