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The market is awash with artificially-derived pregnancy supplements. You wouldn’t eat artificial food, so why take artificial supplements? There’s a better way. A natural way. That way is Food-Grown®.

  • Folate not Folic Acid

    Naturally sourced Folate is safe and beneficial for all trimesters, unlike artificially-generated Folic Acid.

  • Food-Grown® Iron

    Synthetically sourced Ferrous Fumarate can be harsh on tummies but Food-Grown® Iron is gently absorbed. 

  • Food-Grown® Zinc

    Immune supporting Food-Grown® Zinc is better absorbed and retained by the body than synthetically-isolated Zinc Sulphate.

  • Food-Grown® Vitamin B1

    Naturally supporting energy release, Food-Grown® Vitamin B1 - aka Thiamine - is your body’s choice over Mononitrate. 

  • Absolutely no talc

    We never use talc, fillers, binders and chemical additives in any of our products.

"This is the Rolls Royce of pregnancy supplements. I tell everyone about it! It supported me so well throughout my pregnancy."

Elle D

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supporting you through all four trimesters

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Ideal from conception to six months postpartum

If you’re finding it hard to eat or need nutritional support

  • If high street supplements upset your digestion 

  • If you prefer a natural and gentle alternative 

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" A reassuringly scientific supplement. In these you'll find a whole host of vitamins and nutrients to support you and your baby"


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