Menopause Support Trio

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Our menopause promise to you

  • Believe in nature

    We use Mother Nature's pick of ingredients with no added fillers or synthetics

  • Responsibly sourced

    Ethical and sustainable, as a BCorp we care for the planet and her people as fiercely as she cares for us

  • Inspired by women

    Supplements inspired by scientific studies, clinics and conversations with real women

  • Expert advice

    Supporting you through menopause with free, expert, 121 advice from our all-woman team of nutritional therapists

"Menopause Support Trio is formulated to help women ride the waves of menopause. Offering support in so many areas, my clients are loving it almost as much as I do!"


Perimenopause & menopause specialist, founder of The Harper Clinic

Supporting you through menopause

Expert advice for every stage of your menopause journey.

Menopause: Free consultation

Book 15 min consultation

Paid consultation

Book 45 min consultation

Total cost: £45

Introducing two new duos

“Curated pairings for symptomatic menopause support, by day and by night.” Dr Shahzadi Harper

Perimenopause & Menopause Energy Duo

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The Future of Perimenopause report

Reclaiming a pivotal life stage for the next generation

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The Wild Journal: Menopause

Podcast: Recognising and handling the signs of the menopause

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Podcast: Exercise, perimenopause and menopause

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