Menopause Support Trio

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Supporting you through menopause

Speak to an expert for support through every stage of your menopause journey.

Menopause: Free consultation

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Paid consultation

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Our menopause promise to you

  • Believe in nature

    We use Mother Nature's pick of ingredients with no added fillers or synthetics

  • Responsibly sourced

    Ethical and sustainable, as a BCorp we care for the planet and her people as fiercely as she cares for us

  • Inspired by women

    Supplements inspired by scientific studies, clinics and conversations with real women

  • Expert advice

    Supporting you through menopause with free, expert, 121 advice from our all-woman team of nutritional therapists


The Future of Perimenopause report

Reclaiming a pivotal life stage for the next generation

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The menopause series

In this series of six short videos, our founder Henrietta explains how it's possible to have a menopause that's kinder to mind and body.

Wild Sessions podcast

Series 2: perimenopause and menopause

Did you know we spend 40% of our lives between perimenopause and postmenopause? To support every woman on her journey of life, we’re dedicating an entire series - with some incredibly empowering guests - to these pivotal life stages.

Listen now

Exercise, perimenopause and menopause

with Kate Rowe-Ham, Personal trainer

Listen now

Recognising and handling the signs of the menopause

with Lorna Driver-Davies, Head of Nutrition

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Perimenopause: my story

with Katie Weir, Personal Trainer

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