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Why Daily Essentials for Men is my perfect supplement solution

Why Daily Essentials for Men is my perfect supplement solution

As a busy father of three fantastic, energetic boys, looking after my health is not a life choice - it’s a necessity.


I'm in my mid-forties and determined to stay as active as possible as my half century approaches - not only for my own wellbeing but so I can be the best father possible and hopefully remain active for my future grandchildren!

For me, simplicity is important, and taking our Daily Essentials for Men is the perfect solution for me and my lifestyle. I take one sachet - usually with orange juice - every morning before breakfast, and I know that all of my nutritional bases are covered, so I can get on with the day ahead.

The great thing about Daily Essentials - especially for men who don’t want to think too hard about which supplements to take - is the convenience. Recently we were lucky enough to escape to Portugal for a week and packing seven sachets into my wash bag was quick. No more fumbling and counting capsules into a plastic bag. It's so easy.

charlie daily essentialsCharlie with his three sons 

Given the relentless pace of modern life, creating a wellbeing routine I can stick to is so important. This daily supplement routine, combined with 2-3 runs per week and a healthy balanced diet, gives me total peace of mind. And it always puts a smile on my face being able to drop the empty sachet into our recycling bin. We worked incredibly hard as a team to ensure that all of the Daily Essentials packaging comes from sustainable sources, and spent more than two years sourcing the right materials to create a food grade, Plastic Free sachet. It was well worth the effort.

Every man's daily nutritional support in one sachet: 

  • Each Daily Essentials sachet contains essential vitamins and minerals for male health, including our Food-Grown® Men’s Daily Multi Nutrient, Food-Grown® Vitamin D and our Pure Strength Omega 3.

  • Set your own routine: take the contents daily, any time you want. Because the body recognises our supplements as food, you can take them with or without a meal.

  • When you're done, simply put the empty sachet into your recycling bin (our sachets are certified Plastic Free and recyclable).
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