Introducing the world’s first Food-Grown® Vitamin D gummies 

Immune support for big ones and little ones.

Proven results

Scientific data proves the efficacy of our Food-Grown® Vitamin D*

100% more effectively absorbed*

Remains active for longer*

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Gummy good stuff

Seven years of R+D have gone into making our Food-Grown® Gummies. Instead of heating ingredients which damages nutrients, our Gummies are mixed at room temperatures so the active ingredients remain just that.

  Food-Grown® Gummies Leading high street brand
Bioavailable form
Naturally sourced ingredients
Low-heat technology
Gelatine-free + vegetarian
Home compostable packaging
Gummy gelling agents

Recommended by over 3,000 nutritionists

NEW Children & Adults vitamin d gummies

Benefits of Vitamin D

Supports immune function

Maintains bones and muscles

Supports healthy teeth

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Henrietta norton, Founder and formulator

"Having the gummies for our kids has been a game changer"

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*The results of a scientific study show that when compared to leading high street Vitamin D supplement in tablet form, the Food-Grown® Vitamin D in our capsules was 100% more effectively absorbed. In addition, our capsules maintained a greater concentration for longer than the leading high street spray.