Introducing the Perimenopause Doctor

Dr Shahzadi Harper is a leading authority on perimenopause. A GP, women's health expert, author and speaker, we are partnering to meaningfully support women through perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

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“I’ve been recommending Wild Nutrition perimenopause and menopause supplements to my clients for a long time. I trust and respect Henrietta’s formulations completely.”


Perimenopause & menopause specialist, founder of The Harper Clinic

Perimenopause Support Trio

My hero perimenopause foundational supplement.

Curated nutrients, minerals and botanicals for mind, mood and body

Helps regulate perimenopausal hormone activity

No synthetics, just naturally powerful ingredients

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Menopause Support Trio

My hero menopause foundational supplement

Supports the nervous system, energy and resilience

Formulated for bone and joint support

Supports your immune system

Helps regulate hormonal activity

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“Dr Harper and I both believe that treating perimenopausal and menopausal women with a holistic, integrated approach works best. Over the years we’ve treated tens of thousands of women this way.”


Founder & Formulator at Wild Nutrition