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The NHS recommends we all supplement Vitamin D between October to April yet most Vitamin D gummies are heated to temperatures that damage nutrients. Ours are mixed at room temperatures so the active ingredients remain just that.

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Children & Adults vitamin d gummies

Why we all need Vitamin D

  • Supports immune function
  • Maintains bones and muscles
  • Supports healthy teeth
  • Scientifically proven results

  • Naturally sourced ingredients

  • Free nutritional therapy advice


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Official UK Public Health recommendations state: children over 4 years of age, teens and adults are all recommended to supplement Vitamin D between October and the spring. However children who are indoors more, unwell or require more immune support, have darker skin or their skin is more covered are recommended to supplement all year around.

  • The only natural occurring sugars in our Vitamin D gummies are maltitol syrup and steviol glycosides - types of natural sugars that are not glucose based and so don’t spike blood sugar and insulin levels in the same way as pure sugar.

  • Our Gummies are safe in fertility (including assisted fertility such as IVF) pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Not all Vitamin D is created equal. Our Food-Grown® Vitamin D is scientifically formulated to generate the most bioavailable form, the same as your body makes on exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D supports healthy teeth and bones, muscle function and normal functioning of the immune system.

  • Yes you can. It's very hard to supplement too much Vitamin D and most people should be more concerned with low levels of Vitamin D and ‘under’ supplementation. But it's always good to check so we recommend booking a quick15-minute consultationwith our nutritional therapists. You can speak to them via video or phone and it’s entirely free and confidential.

  • Yes you can and teens especially need extra nutrition support as they go through a very rapid change in their skeleton and their immune system. The UK National Diet & Nutrition Survey (Public Health England) reported that statistically teens are inside more (less exposure to sunlight) and therefore official UK Public Health recommendations would be that they are to supplement all year around. Teens require the same dose as an adult.

  • We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure your Gummies pouch is home compostable. It’s 100% plastic-free and made of paper substrate from sustainably managed forests using all-vegan materials and inks. At ambient temperature it will home compost over 26 weeks.