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Natural Glow - the ultimate skin supplement

Natural Glow - the ultimate skin supplement

We all want naturally glowing skin. But as we age, sun exposure is one of the primary causes of accelerated skin ageing. So, how can we boost our skin’s natural UV protection, enjoy the sunshine and achieve a radiant natural glow?


When it comes to our skin, the sun often gets a bad press. But sunlight is an essential ingredient to maintain good health. Our skin requires sunlight to make vitamin D – a vital nutrient that helps maintain a healthy immune system, along with strong bones and muscles.

Sunlight also makes us feel happier. By triggering the production of serotonin – otherwise known as the ‘happy hormone’ – it helps us feel empowered, joyful and calm. It’s no wonder that after a long, dark winter, a huge number of us are suffering from vitamin D deficiency and low moods – often referred to as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Sun damage & skin ageing

That said, the relationship between our skin and UV light is complex – and sunscreen has made its way into our (year-round) skincare routine for good reason. A good SPF is needed to give our skin broad-spectrum protection against both UVA rays (which are responsible for skin ageing, wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots) and UVB radiation (which is linked to skin cancer).

So, our skin, body and mental health rely on the sun – but in just the right amount. Experts suggest that just a 20-minute walk outside is enough for us to get our daily dose. 

What is melanin?

Melanin is a naturally occurring pigment found within the skin that defends it from the inside out whilst sunscreen protects our skin from the outside in.

Melanin provides antioxidant protection against free radical damage caused by things like:

  • Sunlight
  • Pollution
  • Cigarettes
  • Smoke
  • Diet
  • Medication
  • Other lifestyle factors

This damage ultimately contributes to collagen breakdown and leads to those tell-tale signs of skins ageing. Conversely, melanin is also what causes your skin to tan, giving it that gorgeous ‘holiday glow’.

How to get protected skin with a Natural Glow

Using sun cream is a non-negotiable part of protecting your skin against sun damage and ageing. But there are other ways of increasing our skin’s natural sun protection – from the inside out.

Taking this holistic approach to sun protection is exactly what our Co-Founder Henrietta Norton set out to do when she created Natural Glow: a pioneering supplement that contains the breakthrough ingredient, Melaline®.

Found naturally within the fleeces of a single herd of sheep that graze in the fields of Southern France, Melaline® stimulates the body's production of both melanin (the pigment that allows us to tan) and collagen. 

Working progressively over time (we recommend you start taking Natural Glow around 10 days before your holiday or increased sun exposure), it increases your skin's natural defence against sun damage, enhances skin regeneration and helps you achieve a deeper, longer-lasting tan.

We even added in copper, antioxidants Vitamin A, C and E, and Biotin to support optimal skin health and protection. 

All this is great news for our mind and bodies. By taking an inside-out approach to UV protection, we can reap the benefits of sunshine – safe in the knowledge that our skin will look firm, plump, hydrated and, of course – radiant with a Natural Glow.

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