Supporting your fertility journey

Our team of expert nutritionists host consultations with women all over the world. We sat down with our Co-Founder & Formulator, Henrietta Norton, to discuss the most commonly-asked fertility questions...

Q: I’m still using contraception - when should I consider coming off it and trying for a baby? 

If you’re on the contraceptive pill, you need at least three months to allow your normal menstrual cycle to resume - though this can take longer if you have had the contraceptive injection or an implant. If you have an IUD coil fitted, don’t take it out until you’ve made the necessary preparations for your body. Synthetic contraceptive hormones can also create a situation where you are deficient in certain nutrients, particularly B Vitamins: so you need to supplement with our Food-Grown® Fertility and you might also consider our Food-Grown® Energy Support . It’s important for you to see what your normal cycle looks like without the interference of hormones, and ideally you want to experience three healthy periods to see the signs that you are ovulating. If you went on the contraceptive pill for PMS, heavy or painful periods, the longer you give yourself to readjust to your cycle, the better - and you may want to seek advice from your GP. Our Food-Grown® Premenstrual Complex can be taken each day to support your natural cycle and ovulation.

Q: My periods are often irregular. How can I optimise ovulation?

Balancing your menstrual cycle is key to achieving a healthy conception. Our Food-Grown® Premenstrual Complex can be taken each day to support your natural cycle and ovulation, in addition to our Food-Grown® Fertility, which provides powerful nutrients for conception. However, our emotional state, the impact of stress, and sleep quality also play a significant role in healthy menstruation - so calming nerves and getting good quality rest is key. Try our KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus, which helps to alleviate stress and anxiety, in addition to our Food-Grown® Magnesium, which relaxes muscles and aids a better night’s sleep. If your periods are erratic, very short or unusually long, speak to your GP. Otherwise book a call with our nutrition team to discuss the nutrients you need to enhance a healthy cycle. If you experience Endometriosis or PCOS, take a look at our recommended products, as supporting your gynaecological health is key for a healthy conception.

Q: How can my partner improve his sperm health?

Many people assume that sperm count is critical in conception - but sperm quality is just as important to achieve successful fertilisation. Strong sperm are reliant upon healthy testosterone production: however, once produced, they need to be protected from oxidative stress so they can function properly. Our Men’s Food-Grown® Fertility contains Zinc, which is essential for healthy sperm, while our Pure Strength Omega 3 protects sperm from damage, thus preserving their effectiveness and potency. Stress can also hinder the production of testosterone, so we recommend our KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus to lower excess cortisol and support male hormone balance, in addition to our Food-Grown® Magnesium, to calm nerves and anxiety and promote better sleep.

Q: How can I ensure healthy egg reserves?

Unfortunately women cannot continually produce eggs - so protecting your reserves with the right nutrients is important. Be mindful of the stressors of modern living (such as pollution, alcohol and toxins), as these can deplete vital stores of nutrients in the body (our Food-Grown® Fertility has been specifically formulated to provide support). Strengthening your immune system and eating an antioxidant-rich diet can also be beneficial: try our Food-Grown® Immune Support. Cleansing is also a great way to reset your body, creating a fresh and nourished ‘landscape’ in which to grow new life. 

Q: Sex can sometimes feel like a chore. How can I enhance my libido?

Research shows that rates of conception are higher in couples who are more emotionally connected - so making time for one another, while working together to add some zest into your relationship can have a significant impact. Our Food-Grown® Zinc Plus is fundamental for testosterone and mood in men, while our Food-Grown® Premenstrual Complex (PMS symptoms can be an indicator of needing hormone support, and this can affect libido) and Pure Strength Omega 3 can help to support your hormones and mood as a woman, further enhancing libido. However, the effects of tiredness and stress should not be overlooked - and many couples find that our KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus, which is clinically proven to promote healthy libido, helps to support their mood at this time. 

Q: I work long hours, and don’t always get enough sleep. What can I do to support my fertility?

If you’re working long hours, the chances are that you’re not getting much exposure to daylight - so you’ll need to top up your levels of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also vital in your sleep and waking cycles, which in turn support healthy menstruation, while recent research has demonstrated its importance in conception and pregnancy. However, getting adequate amounts of Vitamin D can be hard through diet and sunshine alone (especially if you live in the northern hemisphere). Try our Food-Grown® Vitamin D , which offers optimal support in all seasons, while strengthening immunity and enhancing mood. Low levels of Vitamin D can also be linked to gynaecological conditions - so if you have an existing condition, then Vitamin D is even more important.

Q:  I’m a vegetarian/vegan - what are the nutrients I could be missing out on when trying to conceive?

In the months leading up to conception, it’s important for all women to take a fresh look at their diet: however, vegetarians and vegans need to be especially mindful to ensure they’re getting adequate amounts of Iron, Vitamin D, Iodine, Choline, Vitamin A, Zinc and Vitamin B12. We recommend our Food-Grown® Fertility which contains optimal levels of these vital nutrients. Vegan diets are especially low in Choline and Iodine, and Vitamin B12 must be supplemented. Vegans, vegetarians and women who know their body needs an active, ‘methylated’ (in other words, easily absorbed) form of B Vitamins, perhaps due to genetic issues, will also benefit from our Food-Grown® Fertility, which contains active, methylated B Vitamins for efficient absorption, including the Folic Acid in the natural and active form of Folate.