Redefining the perimenopause

Two of the report’s contributors - Henrietta Norton, founder of Wild Nutrition, and Dr Shahzadi Harper, The Perimenopause Doctor - introduce this groundbreaking report. A first-in-a-generation opportunity to change the way our daughters experience perimenopause.

The experts behind the report

We are profoundly grateful to the four leading perimenopause voices who gave us their time, energy and expertise to put this report together.

Laura Biggs

Women’s health advocate and co-founder of Let’s All Talk Menopause

Dr Shahzadi Harper 

GP, perimenopause and menopause specialist, and founder of The Harper Clinic

Henrietta Norton

Nutritional therapist, founder and formulator at Wild Nutrition

Denise Pines 

Founder of WisePause Wellness, co-founder of FemAging and board member of the Osteopathic Medical Board of California


A summary of The Future of Perimenopause



Perimenopause: Its Own Life Stage

It’s 2022 yet a universal - and pivotal - life stage remains largely a mystery. With 2.2 million British women perimenopausal right now, two in three blindsided by symptoms and over one third not knowing what perimenopause is, this time of life is frequently misunderstood and misdiagnosed. Through interviews, surveys and research, this study paints a picture of real-world action set to shape the future of perimenopause.

“It’s about starting early, not waiting until you’re already there, and understanding the complete journey.”

Dr Shahzadi Harper

part two

A New Paradigm: Redefining the Perimenopause  

A decade of transformative empowerment will fundamentally shift how the perimenopause is experienced, through three major social and cultural developments:

  • Partners in Health
  • Individual Diagnosis to Universal Life Stage
  • Self-rediscovery 

Holistic Health

Hyper-personalised nutrition will see a rise in the adoption of hormone balancing foods such as tofu, flax and nuts designed to mimic hormones and help balance dipping oestrogen levels. Alternative remedies such as century-old nootropics will sit alongside future-facing adaptogens. Breathwork, low-impact muscle engagement and body awareness will be key, shunning traditional high-intensity training that can wreak havoc on already fluctuating hormones.


Community Care

In the workplace, future-facing organisations will nurture a workplace culture that promotes awareness, understanding and holistic choices. In schools, perimenopause-specific education will become widely embraced providing demystified facts for women, men and future generations. In the home, ‘the talk’ on perimenopause will be commonplace in all households with research finding that 43% of women felt the optimal time is between 8-18 years.



The burgeoning realm of apps and wearables will offer women complete transparency over their own intricate hormonal profiles. By 2032 hyper personalisation could move one step further with integrated health intelligence, grocery services, AI trackers and at home hormone testing. Smart homes will provide personalised lighting, soundscape and temperature experiences to create real time support as symptoms fluctuate.

“In the future, the perimenopause will be a normal conversation that mothers will be having with their daughters and their sons.”

Laura Biggs



What would our workplaces look like if women were celebrated for achieving, not in spite of the perimenopause, but because of it? How would women feel if taking care of your body as you approach the perimenopause didn’t involve looking for a cure, but refocusing your efforts on what’s good foryou? And how might future children feel if the language and education surrounding perimenopause told them that every life stage is something to be celebrated, not feared? This is the future of perimenopause and this is the future we’re claiming.

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