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Immunity is our first line of defence: it’s our armoury against infection, providing essential support when travelling and in times of transition, while managing inflammation and keeping it at bay. But its everyday role should not be underestimated - and a strong immune system is also vital to shield us from environmental ‘stressors’ and the effects of modern living. After all, our microbiome is vastly different today from what it once was: we no longer get the exposure to natural bacteria in food, while medicine and antibiotics can also have a negative effect on how our bodies perform. However, supporting good gut health, ensuring we get proper sleep, and supplementing with high-quality nutrients can all contribute to an immune system that is stronger and more resilient - enabling us to live happier, and healthier lives.


Customer stories

Daniel, 43, London:

"I’m a financial trader, so I work very irregular hours and my sleep can be erratic. I don’t often find the time to cook and stick to simple meals - so it’s fair to say I probably don’t get all the nutrients that I need. As a result, I pick up colds and bugs easily, especially when I travel. So I made an appointment with one of Wild Nutrition’s nutritionists, who recommended products to help me sleep better, manage my frequent cold sores and improve digestion – such as their Men’s Food-Grown Daily Multi Nutrient, Food-Grown Immune Support, and Multi Strain Biotic. I’d only been taking them for a short while, but even after a few weeks the results were tangible: I was sleeping better, I felt less tired and my digestion was noticeably improved. Nearly two years later, and I haven’t had a single cold sore or bug. My working hours haven’t changed – but the support of Wild Nutrition and their brilliant supplements means that I feel more resilient, as well as healthier and more balanced. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough."

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