The beginning of motherhood can be a wonderful, life-affirming time. However, the challenges of this “fourth trimester” can also leave many women feeling depleted, as a result of disrupted sleep, new feeding routines and emotional turbulence. Though you have a new member of the family who is your priority, your health and wellbeing are still vital. Think of yourself as a bank account: you need to keep your nutrient reserves well-stocked, because it’s likely that you will be making more ‘withdrawals’ than normal - and a depleted account can have a significant impact on your overall well being. After all, as a relaxed and well-nourished mother, you will find it much easier to care for your new baby - enabling you to fully enjoy these precious, early months of your child's life.


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Carine, 38, Wales, mother of two:

"Parenthood is a blessing and a wonderful adventure - but having experienced post-natal depression and anxiety, chronic sleep deprivation and stress, I felt exhausted. I began to question whether having another child would ever be possible. However, the personalised and long standing guidance of Wild Nutrition was a life saver. After tests revealed I had very low Vitamin D, B12 and Iron levels, their nutritionist recommended supplements to get me back on track – and within a couple of weeks I had a renewed zest for life and motherhood, with more energy, concentration and stamina. They also recognised that my health and that of my family are interconnected, and suggested supplements to improve my daughter’s sleep and to support my husband through pressures at work. These small changes had a positive impact on all of us - so much so that we eventually felt ready to grow our family. I would highly recommend Wild Nutrition for their expertise in nutrition, personalised advice and support, and for their high quality products throughout any stage of life. I look forward to continuing to work with them through pregnancy, birth and beyond."

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