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Wild Women: Elaine, wellness in midlife

Wild Women: Elaine, wellness in midlife

Having overcome anorexia in younger years, Elaine tells us how she curated the healthy and wholesome life she now leads. An inspirational story…

1. Talk us through a day in the life of Elaine.

I have a morning routine that started when lockdown began, I think I was looking for structure. First thing, coffee and I use my jade roller in bed. I try to avoid my phone in the morning and instead read a book or practice yoga. I like to light a candle and play calming, instrumental music while I do yoga. After my practice, I lie down on my shakti mat and do Wim Hof's breathing techniques, which I find to be very cleansing. I take a two-minute cold shower, I like to slap my legs and arms to get the blood pumping. Before breakfast I take Wild Nutrition’s Iron and Turmeric supplements to support my immune system. Then I’ll head out for the first of three walks with my dog Jeffrey.

At the end of the day I sometimes find it difficult to dial down and sleep so I engage in a 30-minute evening routine. I cleanse and moisturise my face and neck and massage my scalp with a metal comb. I take two Magnesium tablets and read a few pages of my book, by then I’m pleasantly relaxed enough to sleep.

2. How do you keep fit and active?

I’ve always been active and trained as a ballet dancer. The gym has played a huge part in my life as the exercise replaced the ballet and the endorphins have kept me positive. I find gardening therapeutic, a good old dig or raking the leaves, and walking with my dog in the forest, listening to nature’s orchestra. I recently bought a mini trampoline and use it every other day.

3. Would you be comfortable talking about your anorexia? If so, perhaps you could share how it affected you and how you overcame it.

Anorexia takes hold, like alcoholism or drug abuse. It took me ten years to recover - 10 years of punishing my body and I had every deficiency. The beginning of the healing was when I fell pregnant. I thought “I need to eat for this baby, I can’t be starving myself.” Ultimately my body repaired itself through good nutrition and good health.

4. I hope the next question isn’t a clumsy one but do you have any health goals?

Yes, I have three. I used to be into gym-bunny aerobics back in the day but now my focus is to remain supple. I find the yoga just sets me up for the day. I’m proud to remain prescription drug free, I don’t take any HRT. And finally, mind health. I would say that's the hardest one.

5. Tell us what wellbeing means to you.

I’ve got an example. I ordered this large batch of organic compost and when it came it was 750 litres, that’s three-quarters of a ton. They just left it on the driveway. So instead of exercising that day, I moved it bucket by bucket, for three and a half hours until I got down to the bottom of the bag. I felt a sense of accomplishment and a sense of wellbeing.

6. Which Wild Nutrition supplements do you love and why?

I take Iron, Turmeric and Magnesium. If I had to choose one I’d go with the Magnesium.

7. How do you find your happy?

Reading, gardening, walks and spending time with Jeffrey. Any time I can be in water, that makes me happy. I love the adrenaline of wild swimming too.

8. Do you have any goals or intentions this year?

I’d love to do a zip wire!

9. If you had one piece of advice for younger Elaine…?

I’d say let go of the woulda, coulda, shoulda. And look before you leap. My biggest regret is giving up my ballet by allowing grief to influence my choices. My father died when I was at the peak of my training. And I lost whatever it needs to be to be a professional ballet dancer. They say the people that don't have regrets haven't lived. So hopefully, it means I've lived.

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