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Food-Grown® Vitamin D scientific study

Food-Grown® Vitamin D scientific study

In 2022, we completed a study to assess the absorption of Food-Grown® Vitamin D compared to the leading competitor spray and capsule. 

Study highlights

The results of a scientific study show that when compared to leading high street Vitamin D supplement in tablet form, the Food-Grown® Vitamin D in our capsules was 100% more effectively absorbed. In addition, our capsules maintained a greater concentration for longer than the leading high street spray.

 Study design and hypothesis

  • A randomised, parallel clinical study, in healthy adults. Blinding was not possible in this study due to one of the products being a spray compared to a capsule.
  • 36 healthy participants were allocated to one of three groups. Restrictions on food were put in place during the entire span of the trial, to make sure the participants avoided Vitamin foods or other supplements known to be high in Vitamin D.
  • The study was completed by RDC Global Laboratory Queensland together with the University of Queensland, Australia.

Investigational products

  1. Wild Nutrition Food Grown Vitamin D: contains vitamin enhanced yeast (providing: Vitamin D3), vegetable cellulose (capsule shell).
  2. Standard Vitamin D3: each tablet contains Vitamin D (25 µg [1000 I.U.])
  3. Buccal Vitamin D3 Spray: 1 spray contains 25 µg (1000 IU) of Vitamin D3.

The allocated investigational product was taken as 5 capsules (Wild Nutrition) or 5 tablets (standard Vitamin D3) once orally with 250 mL of water; the buccal spray was administered orally as 5 sprays.

This trial did not test the products outside of their approved therapeutic indications or doses.

Analysis and results summary

There was a significant difference between the Food-Grown® Vitamin D and the standard Vitamin D tablets for total absorption over the 72 hours. Concentrations of Vitamin D were maintained for longer by Food-Grown® Vitamin D when compared to the spray.

And you can read about the benefits of Vitamin D here

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