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6 Ways to embrace Hygge

6 Ways to embrace Hygge

Hygge (pronounced Hoo-Ga) is a wonderful Danish philosophy that encourages us to slow down, allow us the space to feel more present in our lives, to nurture and celebrate the small and simple things.

Here are my top 6 tips to help you embrace this concept:

1. Cleanse and reset

Here at Wild Nutrition we believe in a seasonal cleanse and moving into the cooler months is no different. A chance to nourish and reset the body and mind before moving into the winter.

2. Bring down the tempo  

Exercise seasonally by embracing the slow flow of winter. Think about yoga, light jogging and walking on those crisp winter mornings. Meditation and deep breathing can also be calming and help to bring your body into a parasympathetic state. This is very helpful in reducing your stress hormones and to support effective digestion.

3. Invest in candles  

The light of a candle can warm up any room and mood. They can form part of an evening ritual to mark the wind down at the end of the day. Remember to choose non-toxic candles so you’re not polluting your indoor air environment. Our favourites are Neom and Beefayre.

4. Go slow  

Take pleasure in cooking slowly, enjoying the aromas and sharing it with friends. Your digestives juices actually increase in response to the smell of food so take your time preparing and then eating your food to optimise digestion.

5. Use plenty of warming herbs and spices

Add herbs and spices to your soups and stews which can support circulation and digestion. Ginger, rosemary, black pepper, garlic, paprika, horseradish, cayenne pepper, turmeric and cumin are all wonderfully nourishing.

6. Become a book worm  

Use the joy of a good book to fuel your way to or from work and to fill your evenings in place of checking emails or social media. You’ll be amazed by how much stiller you feel.
For more on Hygge and the importance of slowing down as we move into the cooler months, check out Henrietta Norton's article 'What can we learn from Hygge?' or see 'Autumnal equinox: 9 Tips to support your health this season'

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