10 questions for 10 years

10 questions for 10 years

Our founders Henrietta and Charlie Norton take a look back at the last ten years and the rise - and rise - of Food-Grown®. It’s been quite the journey.

1. You founded the brand in 2013 from a shed in your back garden. What made you take the leap?

Henrietta: “As a nutritional therapist, I knew the supplement market could and should be better. In starting Wild Nutrition, we really had to put our heads above the parapet, saying 'we believe in doing it differently'."

Charlie: “I was running a design agency at the time but there wasn’t really any hesitation. We couldn’t not do it”

2. Wild Nutrition is disrupting the £300bn supplement market, 95% of which synthetically-derived. Food-Grown® is now a bona fide movement. Discuss…

Henrietta: “Food-Grown® are supplements as nature intended. It's ironic that we’re seen to be disrupting the supplement market when what we’re doing is the most intuitive way of supporting the body and the least disruptive to the planet.”

Charlie: “Absolutely. The thing is, the Food-Grown® evidence is real. Over 50 scientific studies show how high our nutrient bioavailability is. The word is spreading because the quality of the product speaks for itself.”

3. Choosing a favourite product must be like choosing a favourite child but… which would be your Desert Island supplement and why?

Henrietta: “Oh that’s so hard. I think I’d have to go with Daily Essentials for Women. It’s beautifully balanced with everything you need and so convenient.”

Charlie: “I'm going to say Natural Glow because the years of innovation that went into it have created something exceptional - a truly unique product that delivers outstanding results.”

4. Between 30-40% of new businesses dissolve within three years (Companies House 2022). It’s tough out there. What tips do you have for future entrepreneurs?

Charlie: “Figure out what you’re good at and - more importantly - what you’re not good at. Find a mentor and get good people to support you.”

Henrietta: “It has to be all about purpose with passion. Be really clear about what you’re going after and stay true to it. Dig deep and be uncompromising in your pursuit. Ultimately, this will be the thing that gets you through the inevitable challenges ahead.”

5. Let’s talk sustainability and why B Corp certification is so important to you.

Charlie: “We’re purists at heart. We were relentless in eliminating plastic from our new refill pouches and we're on track to trace every single one of our ingredients back to its root. B Corp isn’t greenwashing - it’s a commitment hardwired into everything we do, even written into our Articles of Association.”

6. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we’re launching two new formulations: Complete Beauty Support and Energy Support. What’s the story behind them?

Henrietta: “They were driven by listening to you, our customers. One thing that’s incredibly important to us is offering free nutritional advice - over 20,000 consultations to date. It’s this incredibly rich, first-hand insight that inspires our formulations.”

Charlie: “Yes. The number one ask is always how to improve energy levels. And we know how important skincare and haircare are to our customers. We’re listening and we’re responding.”

7. Let’s time travel to 2025. What will Wild Nutrition be doing?

Henrietta: “I’d love to do more scientific studies to prove the efficacy of our supplements. We recently put our Food-Grown® Vitamin D through an independent laboratory trial with some outstanding results. Our Vitamin D is shown to be 100% more effectively absorbed than leading competitors’.”

Charlie: “More innovation as well as continued international expansion into Europe and America.”

8. Customers frequently tell us that Wild Nutrition supplements have ‘changed my life’. How does this make you feel?

Charlie: “It makes me feel incredibly inspired and motivated. Honestly, there’s no greater reward for us. Supporting people on their health journeys, and doing it in a natural and ethical way, is the reason we started.”

Henrietta: “Very emotional and very humbled. It’s an amazing gift to share knowledge and products that generate positivity.”

9. The Norton household must be a busy one: three children, three cats, two dogs and a business that’s growing at pace. How do you make it all work?

Charlie: “At times it’s been tough, especially in the very early days of the business. I think patience, understanding and good, honest communication is key.”

Henrietta: “I remember I was proofreading my pregnancy book to deadline the day after our third son Oscar was born. We’ve definitely learned to work as a team and support one another. As well as building an incredible team around us.”

10. And finally, let’s close on what wellbeing means to you.

Henrietta: “Being at ease within ourselves and feeling a sense of alignment.”

Charlie: “Being able to spend as much time as possible with family and friends.”


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