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The importance of a teenage breakfast

The importance of a teenage breakfast

15 year old Emily joined us for a week in the Wild Nutrition office and here she is sharing her own experience with the positive benefit of a good breakfast.

As a 15- year old, I can, without doubt, say that a good breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When I oversleep or simply don’t have time to eat before school, during even the first lessons I can feel myself becoming tired, unfocused and irritable. I can also see my friends feeling like this when they complain of skipping breakfast that day. With my GSCEs approaching, it’s now more important than ever that I properly fuel my body.
However, it is not just about having any old thing in the mornings. The food you are putting into your body needs to set you up right for the day, helping you to feel energized and ready to learn. Especially in the lead up to exams where I have so much to remember.
I find planning ahead helps - making sure there are always key ingredients in the fridge and store cupboard. Planning in advance can easily stop you reaching for sugar-filled convenience foods. I am also wary of shop-bought breakfast bars as these also tend to be high in sugar despite the healthy marketing!
Here are some of my go-to healthy, but speedy breakfasts...

1. Whole-grains

Wholegrain toast with sugar-free peanut butter and sliced banana is delicious and takes 5 minutes to make.

2. Nut and seed bars

Nut and seed bars are a super breakfast on the go for busy mornings. Simply blend equal parts dates and cashews with a handful of pumpkin seeds until the nut oils compact them together. Once cooled for an hour in the fridge, cut into bar shapes and then refrigerate overnight.

3. Fruity porridge

This is my go-to for when I know I have a lot to do that day. Equal parts water, oats, and milk (non-dairy works just as well) with mixed berries added whilst cooking. Then add a sprinkle of flaked almonds when serving. It should be sweet enough with fruit, but you can add a little honey or maple syrup.
I also take snacks to take to school that will keep you going and not spike your sugar levels. When you do get hungry in between meals, make sure you snack on foods that will keep your energy levels and brain function optimal for lessons throughout the day rather than give you a burst of energy followed by a crash. I’ve found that raisins and a mix of nuts (almonds are especially good for this) satisfy cravings and slowly release the energy needed to work.

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