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Life’s better after a great night’s sleep, yet not all Magnesium is created equal. 95% is synthetically derived but Food-Grown® Magnesium is naturally sourced, so your body recognises, absorbs and retains it. Ready to sleep deeper?

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Henrietta Norton, Founder & Formulator

“Why is 95% of the supplement market made up of synthetic derivatives? The very question that led Henrietta Norton to the creation of Wild Nutrition, and with it, our dedication to Food-Grown® supplements. ”

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Sarah, Magnesium subscriber

My go-to supplement

“As someone who used to wake around 3am and struggle to get back to sleep (cycle related) I can honestly say I have slept soundly every night since incorporating this magnesium into my supplement regime. Would highly recommend!”

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Treat your mind and body to 10 restful nights, on us. Because to sleep well is to live well.

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