"The older I get, the better I was." and it is also true that as you get older, your body's nutritional requirements alter.


This month we are delighted to launch our multivitamin for men over 45 years of age. This Food-Grown 'Bespoke Man Daily Multi Nutrient 45+' will join our award winning Daily Multi Nutrient range sitting alongside our Bespoke Woman 45+ and the rest of our Bespoke Men's range.

Packshot Man 45+

 "This is a natural addition to our men's range," says Henrietta, founder and nutritional therapist at Wild Nutrition, "As we get older, our requirements for certain nutrients can increase. Your body no longer works in the same way that it did 20 years ago. Yet, it is hard to find necessary quality nutritional supplements that have been uniquely formulated to support this age range. Our team  have researched and developed  this bespoke formulation to reflect the growing nutritional need of this age group, including elevated levels of certain nutrients to support heart health and cognitive function such as memory and decision making."


As with all our products they don't only contain all the right nutrients, they are also made in a way that makes those nutrients more readily-absorbed by your body using the unique Food-Grown Process®.


All of our Daily Multi Nutrient range qualifies for Free UK delivery and all are available via our subscription service meaning you can get your products sent every month so you never run out. Please tap the relevant product below to take a look at the product in our shop.


For more on the importance of the correct nutrition for men 45 years and over see '4 nutritional demands of men over 45 years' Discover our Food-Grown Bespoke Man Daily Multi Nutrient 45+ here.

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