Introducing Our Groundbreaking Teen Multi Nutrient Range.

Ever since Wild Nutrition started with one family looking to ensure the best nutrition for every family member it has always been a priority to create tailored supplements for every age.

Wild Nutrition Teenboy Daily Multi Nutrient

We are delighted to launch our teen multivitamin range featuring Teengirl and Teenboy Food-Grown® Daily Multi Nutrients to sit alongside our Bespoke Woman, Bespoke Man and Bespoke Children's Daily Multi-Nutrients meaning that our range now truly caters for the whole family.


"This is a natural addition to our range," says Henrietta, founder and nutritionist at Wild Nutrition, "aside from infancy, our teenage years see our bodies undergo the greatest  amount of growth both physically and emotionally. Yet, it is hard to find necessary quality nutritional supplements specifically for this age range. Our team  have researched and developed  these two bespoke formulations to reflect the growing nutritional need of this age group, including elevated levels of certain nutrients for healthy growth and cognitive function."

Wild Nutrition Teengirl Daily Multi Nutrient

As with all our products they don't only contain all the right nutrients, they are also made in a way that makes those nutrients more readily-absorbed by your body using the unique Food-Grown Process®.


Our Teengirl formulation contains Vitamins A to D, including the full range of B Vitamins to support normal cognitive function, as well as added Magnesium and Calcium for maintenance of normal bones. To help cope with normal hormonal activity and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue  the formulation benefits from 5mg of Vitamin B6 and 7mg of iron.


The Teenboy MultiNutrient provides Chromium for normal blood glucose levels, and zinc for the maintenance of normal testosterone levels as well as Vitamin D for normal muscle function and 100mg of cordyceps sinensis, also known as the ‘energy’ mushroom.


All of our Daily Multi Nutrient range qualifies for Free UK delivery and all are available via our subscription service meaning you can get your products sent every month so you never run out. Please tap the relevant product below to take a look at the product in our shop.


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