Do Christmas 'Well'

Lorna Driver-Davies BA (Hons), HD, DHNP, mNNA, CNHC Technical Assistant at Wild Nutrition and Nutritional Therapist.

While the Christmas season should be full of joy, this joy can sometimes be interrupted by an endless list of presents to buy, articles telling you in what 'detox's' you should be partaking, food shopping and prepping the house before your relatives arrive.


Do Christmas well 

First and foremost, Christmas only comes around once a year. Embrace this time and nourish your body with your festive favourites.  The traditional Christmas fare can be incredibly nourishing for the body. Take a look at how healthy some of your festive favourites can be in Henrietta's 'tis the season to be good to yourself' blog.


  • Magnesium helps to relax the nervous system, calming the body and mind. It can also be taken before bed to ease you into a deeper sleep.  Seasonal favourites such as 'Walnuts' are rich in magnesium. But you might want to try topping up with a magnesium supplement.


Christmas party suggestions

With so many parties and after work drinks, you may find yourself drinking more than you usually would. It's wise to eat a good meal beforehand on these occasions.


  • Try to limit your sugar intake and pass off those fizzy drink mixers if you can too. Soda water and lime doesn't contain the refined sugars that these mixers are full of.

  • B vitamins are essential for supporting liver detoxification, but ironically they are depleted by alcohol. You might want to try supplementing these key B vitamins each day to help your body to counteract some of the unwanted effects of alcohol.

  • Try Henrietta's Miso & Shiitake broth to increase your daily intake of B vitamins with food.


Fending off Christmas sniffles

With so much to do and fun to be had, the last thing anyone wants is a sniffly nose or a chesty cough. Especially when it may catch on with the rest of the family. Drinking more alcohol, staying out late at Christmas parties and eating more sugary foods than usual are generally all the wrong things for your immune system.


  • Vitamin C rich foods will help to fend off nasty infections and viruses.  Henrietta's Vitamin C Super juice is a great boost to top up your levels of vitamin c each day.

  • Although vitamin C is incredibly important, vitamin D and Zinc are also essential for your winter wellness. You can supplement these into your diet individually or try Henrietta's Immune Support, which combines vitamin C, D and Zinc all in one, with added nutrients to keep your immune system fighting fit.

  • Warming ingredients such as ginger and cayenne pepper can be great for helping to clear the lungs, especially if you have a cough.


A very happy and healthy Christmas to you all. 



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