Because not all supplements are created equal

If you care about your health

Then you must read this…

When it comes to nutrition, not all supplements are created equal. 

We believe that how a supplement is made, directly impacts how effective it is for your body.

Unlike regular synthetic supplements, Food-Grown® supplements are absorbed and used by the body up to 4 times better.

We believe that you deserve the best and that’s what we’ve created for you.

Why do we even need supplements?

When it comes to health and nutrition, food comes first, always.  Unfortunately we can no longer rely completely on food alone to provide us with the full nutrient levels we require. 

This is due to a combination of the way that food is produced (think intense farming techniques and lower nutrient levels in soil), as well as exposure to stress, environmental pollutants and medication (the contraceptive pill and antibiotics for example).

When this shortfall occurs, we can develop subtle nutrient imbalances that can impact on our health. Supplements can significantly help to bridge this increasing gap, even when eating a healthy diet.


Food-Grown® supplements, why are they better?

All synthetic nutrients have one integral flaw; they are never found this way in nature and therefore how well our body recognizes and metabolises that nutrient in those forms is questionable.

On the other hand, Food-Grown® nutrients, provide the nutrient in a form as it would be found in real food. Thereby enhancing the body’s recognition and use of these nutrients right down to the cellular level.

Providing vitamins and minerals in this live, raw, Food-Grown® way, also means that there is lowered toxicity, as there’s no need to use high doses to achieve nutritional effectiveness.

This is the Wild Nutrition Food-Grown® difference. Let your body decide.


Why Wild Nutrition?

Wild Nutrition are the UK’s only supplier of Food-Grown® supplements. 

Each supplement is carefully formulated by our very own leading nutritional expert Henrietta Norton.

For your everyday health needs, try one of our Food-Grown® daily multi-vitamins…