Should we stop taking pills?

Henrietta Norton BSc, Dip NT, MBANT, AFMCP Co-founder of Wild Nutrition and Nutritional Therapist.

On Friday 7th June the Guardian newspaper printed a piece called "Vitamins: Stop taking the pills"
Although well written is was an another exemplary piece of reductionist journalism. Well-trained nutritionists are doing a fantastic job at restoring health among their clients on a daily basis. As Hippocrates well knew, food quite simply is medicine.
However the journalist does illustrate some valid points that I wanted to draw on, most notably the use of synthetic supplements and their potential impact on the body's biochemical homeostasis. Antioxidant up-cycling is a real & measurable concern and high doses of free-state nutrients (synthetic isolates) can contribute to this. Taking the example of Vitamin E as used in the article, alpha-tocopherol, which can be made synthetically and is in most cheap multivitamins, can significantly lower levels of delta and gamma tocopherol which are the forms naturally found in food and the body is naturally better at moderating. This is just one of the many reasons why Food-Grown supplementation carries significant advantages and it is a shame that all supplements are 'clumped' together by sceptics.
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