Festival survival guide

Henrietta Norton BSc, Dip NT, MBANT, AFMCP Co-founder of Wild Nutrition and Nutritional Therapist.

With the festival season upon us, I have dedicated this blog to my tried & tested tips on how to survive & thrive on the campsite this summer.

Our family’s first festival begins this coming weekend at the beautiful Elderflower Festival, near our hometown of Lewes. The preparation is a large part of the fun for me (so much better than the aftermath!), thinking up meal ideas and children's games, but beyond all these are two fundamental principles that I simply wont compromise on; to keep warm and nourished. This is how we will be doing just that this year…


Bircher Muesli – I just love this stuff. Camping or not it makes the perfect easy breakfast.  The oats are packed with fibre as well as magnesium and B vitamins to provide sustainable energy. The lime, apple and pear are a rich source of vitamin C to support the skin and immune systems defence against sun (here’s hoping!). Stick it in a tupper-ware box and keep in a cool bag to dip into for breakfast, a simple snack or pudding.


Pineapple – The perfect fruit for supporting digestion (natural bromelain in the stem). Chop up and add to the bircher, as a snack or sprinkle with cinnamon and add to the bbq for fruit kebab puddings.


Eggs – Not only are eggs rich in lecithin to support detoxification and fat digestion, they are also intensely rich in protein for an easy breakfast around the camp fire.


Whole-earth baked beans - The ideal convenience food when camping. Rich in protein & fibre and with whole-earth there is no sugar so virtuous and delicious! Eat cold from the tin if you are so inclined…


Fresh ginger & lemon grass – I am one of those people who feel the cold to the bones and so these warming spices are my staples at home and on the campsite. Gingerols in ginger support circulation as well as reduce inflammatory responses (great for topically calming bites or internally for promoting digestion). Lemon grass is a natural calmative, helping to soothe tummy upsets or support a good night's sleep. Add to warm water for a warming drink or chop into food.


Natural anti-histamines – Being at one with nature although beautiful can also be irritating. During the hay-fever season step up your intake of vitamin C, nature's own anti-histamine. Found in citrus, green veg and nettles (pick the new tops and add to boiling water for a soothing drink for digestion and the respiratory tract), vitamin C can help to moderate release of histamine, the chemical that produces the ‘itch’ when bitten by insects. As our body’s storage of this precious nutrient is reduced by alcohol and nicotine, you may want to consider topping up for other reasons around this time too. Ensure you choose a Food-State brand for greater bio-availabilty such as our Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids which has added anti-histamine bioflavonoids and immune-supporting beta-glucans too.


Avoiding the post-festival blues – Nurture yourself back to life by getting as much sleep as you can before getting back to the grind. Drink plenty of water and, to appease your liver and digestion, take a support such as milk thistle or dandelion complex for a few weeks afterwards. If your digestive health seems out of kilter eat plenty of green veg and yoghurt and consider taking a mulitple strain probiotic. If sleep or anxiety is keeping you awake, magnesium, nature's tranquilizer, can support a restful night and plays a key role in stabilising mood.


And finally, even if you forget all the above, for heaven’s sake remember to take flip flops for the shower and your own stash of toilet paper!

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