6 Cooling foods to keep you hydrated during a heatwave

Henrietta Norton BSc, Dip NT, MBANT, AFMCP Co-founder of Wild Nutrition and Nutritional Therapist.

Summertime is here and as the weather soars, keeping hydrated is key.  Here are six foods to help you do just that.


1. Watermelon


92% water and with a host of vitamins and the antioxidant Lycopene (a potent protector against oxidative damage from sun exposure for example), watermelons are the perfect nutritional hydrator. Research has shown that the nutritional content of the fruit is at its peak when the flesh is dark pink. Chop and add into freezer trays, add to drinks, or chop a handful of water melon, mint leaves and cucumber and blend in a blender with ice for a refreshing smoothie.


2. Spinach


All fruits and vegetables have a naturally high water content, which makes them hydrating. They’re also rich in potassium, which supports the fine sodium : potassium ratio of the body, so helping prevent bloating.


3. Avocado


The healthy fats found in avocados are very skin-hydrating. It's also an excellent source of vitamins A and E which help repair skin after sun exposure.


4. Yoghurt


It’s roughly 85% water, so eating it is cooling and hydrating. Blend with frozen berries and desiccated coconut and freeze for a shockingly healthy alternative to ice cream.


5. Nettles


This may sound alien, but you can use the tips and smaller leaves to make soup or teas (just use gloves when you pick). As a rich source of calcium and magnesium and vitamin B6, nettles have long been used to help reduce water retention in hot weather and around menstruation. Also contain natural silica which supports skin repair.


6. Coconut oil


Rich in essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory caprylic acid. I use a spoonful in my smoothies with berries, hemp protein and kale. I also put it straight onto my skin’s dry patches.


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