4 Ways to combat jet lag

Karen Alexander MSc, BA (Hons), NTDip, mBant, rCNHC Technical Advisor and Nutritional Therapist.

The body faces many extra challenges when we fly, with disrupted sleep, recycled air, poor food quality, sitting for long periods of time and often moving through time zones. All this adds extra stress to our body which can be particularly problematic if you already have an existing health condition.


Fortunately, there is a great deal you can do to mitigate the negative effects of travelling to give you the best chance of adapting to your new destination and feeling good on your return. Here are 4 ways to help beat jet lag...


1. Antioxidant support


One area to focus on is increasing your antioxidant support as unavoidably, oxidative cellular stress is higher when travelling. You can do this by making wise food choices before and while you are in flight. Where possible try to plan ahead and take your own food. Choose healthy snacks such as unsalted nuts and seeds, olives, crudités, organic apple chips or  energy optimising protein balls. Also take foods with a high water content such as organic cucumber, berries and fruit that is in season, as there’s nothing more dehydrating than flying. Obviously liquids won’t be allowed through security but ensure you drink water before you board. If you can take your own salad this is ideal, but do think about which ingredients will last well unrefrigerated. If there’s no time to prepare food before you travel, choose high protein foods and avoid sugary snacks at the airport as these will cause a rise and sudden fall in blood sugar, making you feel even more depleted by the time you disembark.


2. Herbal tea


Take your own herbal teabags on your travels such as nettle, ginger, lemon, turmeric and chamomile. Organic matcha green tea is another great choice as our bitter taste buds are less affected at high altitudes. Green tea also contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which will help protect you from free radicals while in the air. Be careful not to use teabags that contain glues as unfortunately most do. Pukka's organic teabags are a safe bet, especially as they are individually wrapped so perfect for travelling.


3. Hydration and movement


Keep your circulation moving with walks up and down the aisles and of course, always drink plenty of water throughout the flight.


4. Supplements for travel


Supporting the immune system, detoxification and elimination while flying is important and you can do this with nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc and magnesium and botanicals such as artichoke leaf, burdock root and dandelion root. Botanical mushrooms can also be very useful, such as cordyceps, as these have a modulating impact on the immune system and can support energy levels.

Our Food-Grown® Wild Traveller is an expert blend of nutrient and botanicals to provide support during your travels whether you are a regular business traveller or an infrequent flyer.


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