Healthy Energy

Healthy Energy

The demands and fast pace of modern life can play havoc with our energy levels. Juggling work, family and social life may feel all encompassing! Good energy is about feeling motivated and steadily energized throughout the day, without the classic highs and lows that many of us may experience if we use stimulants such as sugar, tea and coffee. Energy production in the body comes from eating a varied, healthy and balanced diet - getting enough of key nutrients that our cells, adrenal glands, nervous system, thyroid and more all need to support us through times of 'fogginess', lethargy and fatigue. Recovery from feeling worn-out is also about being able to feel rested, calm and indeed achieve good quality sleep - so we are ready for a new day of optimal energy.
  • Food-Grown® Wild Traveller

    Food-Grown® Wild Traveller

  • Food-Grown® Magnesium

    Food-Grown® Magnesium

  • Food-Grown® B Complex Plus

    Food-Grown® B Complex Plus

  • Food-Grown® Vitamin B6

    Food-Grown® Vitamin B6

  • Food-Grown® Iron Plus

    Food-Grown® Iron Plus

  • Cleanse & Regenerate Programme

    Cleanse & Regenerate Programme

  • Food-Grown® Cysteine Plus

    Food-Grown® Cysteine Plus

  • Food-Grown® Thyroid Connect

    Food-Grown® Thyroid Connect

  • Food-Grown® Methyl Connect

    Food-Grown® Methyl Connect

  • Food-Grown® KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus

    Food-Grown® KSM-66 Ashwagandha Plus