Healthy Digestion

Healthy Digestion

The health of the gut plays a great role in how we feel (think of your gut as your 2nd brain), its the location of most of our immune system and facilitates our ability to absorb food to support our energy, immunity, growth, detoxification, mood and more. Gut health is all about putting the right things in so it functions optimally and prevents things we don’t want to take hold e.g viruses, unwanted bacteria etc. Our actual gut tissue needs care much like the skin on the outside of our body, to support digestion of nutrients and act as a barrier to invaders. When the gut environment shifts out of optimal balance, we may feel a drain on our system, we don’t get what we need from ingesting food and our immunity and strength may suffer. Your gut can benefit from good nutrients, enzymes, helpful bacteria and indeed - healing herbs and botanicals.
  • Food-Grown® Daily Multi Nutrient 45+ (Women's)

    Food-Grown® Daily Multi Nutrient 45+ (Women's)

  • Multi Strain Biotic

    Multi Strain Biotic

  • Caprylic Acid Plus

    Caprylic Acid Plus

  • Multi Strain Biotic (Children's)

    Multi Strain Biotic (Children's)

  • Cleanse & Regenerate Programme

    Cleanse & Regenerate Programme